Cold and freezing win national market in Brazil

Cold and freezing win national market in BrazilThe Portuguese brand Fricon, specialist in cold and freezing equipment for the retail segment beat his record sales in the Brazilian market, with a significant growth of deliveries to the Carrefour chain.
Fricon group consists of two plants in Portugal, with 180 employees, and one in Brazil, with more than 500 employees, and is present in about 50 countries on five continents.
For the choice of Carrefour Brazil "very conservative system contributed to frozen in format of" island "with plug-in technology, a turn-key solution, in which just plug into the socket and it's cold," explains Hercules Zurita, Advisor to the directors of Fricon, quoted by the Agency for investment and foreign trade of Portugal (AICEP).
This equipment is not interdependent world of energy supply of the other. "It is precisely with regard to energy efficiency and consequent reduction of freezing equipment costs for the food retail of Fricon stood out," said Hercules Zurita.
The brand won the first customer in the great Brazilian distribution in 2011. The following year reached the 1,240 units sold, 250 of which allocated to Carrefour, also supplying groups such as the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar), Asun and Walmart. The year 2013 closed with 2,500 units delivered in the Brazilian market and strengthen the position of Fricon in providing the chain Carrefour Brazil.
This year, with significant expansion in Carrefour's quota, the Portuguese brand must reach the 4,050 units sold in the Brazilian market, "a reason plus optimism for next year, at which point to a growth of 10%," said Hercules Zurita.
Considered a pioneer in the Portuguese market in domestic and commercial meat segment, the company specializes in the production of equipment for supermarkets, of horizontal and vertical conservatives chests, cabinets cooled vertical and conservation, conservators of ice cream, drinks coolers and horizontal and inclined displays.
This industry started its activity in 1976, having as great booster Artur Martins Azevedo. However he settled in Vila do Conde-Touguinha-, starting operation in 1977 new company.