Five foreign markets preferred by Portuguese businessmen

Five foreign markets preferred by Portuguese businessmenWhen choosing a foreign market to internationalize your business, there are several requirements analyzed for entrepreneurs to make a decision. To begin, therefore, by the size of the market and the number of potential consumers, by cultural aspects, linguistic aspects, geographical proximity, among others. The findings, by the "Advanced Study without borders – SMES raise flight", held in 2014 by Deloitte and by Aicep Portugal Global, explaining that regions and countries considered by respondents as "more attractive" to the internationalization are the European Union (except Spain), Angola, Brazil, other African countries of Portuguese official language (PALOP) and North America. In the top 10 most desirable markets are still the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia), Spain, Middle East, South America (except Brazil) and Asia (except China). Get to know in detail the markets favoured by Portuguese businessmen.

1. the European Union (except Spain)
After in 2012 (year in which was held the first edition of ' Study without borders "Deloitte and AICEP) 50% of entrepreneurs surveyed have considered the European Union as the most attractive market for internationalisation, in 2014 this percentage increased to 57%. Overall, the European Union countries were thus elected as the geographical spaces to give preference to companies that responded to the study. This opinion gets more dimension in agrifood processing industries sector and that, "in view of the quality of Portuguese products, understand that the geographical proximity and the purchasing power of these markets are factors of competitive advantage," says the study.

These conclusions will meet the numbers about Portuguese exports. According to the document "2013 International trade statistics", published by the INE, Portuguese exports Intra-EU countries totaled 33.2 billion in 2013 (more than 3.5% in 2012). In this way, "the Intra-EU countries continued to dominate Portugal transactions abroad", but this trend is losing strength: in 2005, 80% of national goods sold to external markets had as destination countries Intra-I; as early as 2013 this percentage decreased to 70.3%.

2. Angola
Maintaining the same position in preference of Portuguese businessmen in 2012 and 2014 (39 percent), Angola is the second most valued market in time to ponder the internationalization, especially for the sectors of activity of wholesale or retail, technology, media, telecommunications and services. According to the study, for these sectors of activity the market dimension presents itself as the most important factor in the selection process of the target market. The INE statistics show that exports to Angola rose 4.2% in 2013 (for 3.1 billion euros), compared with the previous year, especially at the level of machinery, food and agricultural products. In the list of countries to which Portugal more exports Angola occupies the 4th place, with a weight of 6.6%.

3. Brazil
One of the main changes in the ' Study without borders "Deloitte was decreased importance attributed to Brazil, that between 2012 and 2014 fell from the second to the third place of the preferences of entrepreneurs (of 46 percent to 32 percent). Despite this opinion observed by the companies surveyed in the study, the truth is that in 2013 the exports to Brazil posted a rise of 8.5% (for the 739 million euros) which in turn was reflected in the rise of this partner the 10th largest destination market of national goods. It is recalled that in 2012, the Brazil was out of the top 10 countries where Portugal more exports.

4. Other PALOP
Here also the preference of the Portuguese businessmen registered a fall of 37% in 2012 to 31% in 2014, which means that the African countries of Portuguese official language (PALOP) are not all so attractive, not too attractive at the time of export and internationalization of the business. Technology, Media and telecommunications and services are the sectors of activity most privileged to invest in these countries. According to the INE, in 2013 the exports for the PALOP amounted to 3.7 billion euros.

5. North America
Within two years, between 2012 and 2014, North America won a few points in the preferences of the Portuguese businessmen. Of 22% who considered this region attractive for internationalisation in 2012, this year are 28% respondents who hold this opinion. Like the European Union, companies manufacturing industry assume greater prominence here. On the other hand, and according to the document "international trade statistics" 2013, INE, exports of goods to the United States increased by 7.1% in 2013 (for 1.9 billion euros), "as a result of the widespread positive development to almost all product groups". The u.s. amounted to 6 main country of destination for Portuguese exports, surpassing the Netherlands. For Canada, Portuguese exports totaled the 2,013 million euros last year.