Fruits, vegetables and flowers worth billion in exports

Fruits, vegetables and flowers worth billion in exportsThe Minister of agriculture said today, in Vila Real, that fruits, vegetables and flowers represent currently billion in exports and the industry aspires to duplicate this value until 2020.

Fruits, vegetables and flowers already represent billion euros of export, but the sector wants until 2020 reach two billion euros. "This is an extraordinarily interesting and ambitious goal," said the ruler.

Ahmed wants to paste Crests Portugal the country label of "jewelry of agriculture".

"If we can paste this tag, this label to Portugal and to Portuguese products, if people realize that if Portuguese is good, then surely we will have much to gain and more value for our producers," he stressed.

In turn, Dwaipayan, organizer of the meeting, argued that "the Portuguese fruit needs more research, more investment in new technologies and largest organization for power as a booster of the national economy sector".

"We need a more efficient production structure, supported by new technologies that ensure a sustainable and profitable production. The balance of ecosystems and safe food production, extolling its beneficial effects on health, are also essential conditions for creating a new dynamic in the whole row, "added the guardian.

In this way, according to researcher at the Centre for research and agri-environmental and biological technologies (CITAB), can overcome a series of constraints in the sector as "the low yields registered incipient studies on the behavior of domestic varieties, the lack of organization of the row and the difficulties of selling and marketing".

The event, which began Thursday and ends today joined about 150 producers, technicians and researchers who presented around 100 scientific studies such as "How can the ' design ' add value to the fruit?", "fruit-the true fast food".

The symposium was organized by the UTAD, CITAB, Portuguese Association of Horticulture and Operating and technological Centre National fruit and vegetable.