January was the best month for the last 12 years in the Portuguese textile industry exports

The last January was the best of the last 12 years for exports of the textile and clothing sector Portuguese, which grew 14% compared with the same period in 2013, to 411 million euros.

In a statement, the textile and apparel Association of Portugal (ATP) points out that "all categories of products have achieved good results" and anticipates that January will be "the first month of another year of growth".
Knitted garment exports were those which grew back, 18%, followed by the textile clothing, with about 14%. This was followed by the made textile articles, including textiles for home, whose exports, according to the ATP, grew more than 7 percent.
It exports textile raw materials grew 10%, especially for exports of man-made staple fibres (19%), those of special fabrics and tufted (17%) and less impregnated, coated or covered and other technical textiles (11%).
According to the Association, the industry's exports to European Union countries grew 16%, having been the major destinations registered increases in absolute terms.
"It is remarkable the growth dynamics for some European countries, notably for Austria (+40.3%), Poland (+36.6%), France (+29.2%), Denmark (+22.1%), Sweden (+21.4%), the United Kingdom (+20.2%) to the Netherlands (+18.9%), Spain (+15.2%) and Germany (+10.2%)", underlines the ATP.
Highlights also include Angola (where Portuguese exports increased 4.4 million euros in January, for a total of about 10 million, a growth rate of 78%) and China (with a value of exported 3.7 million and a growth rate of 44%).

Source: http://dinheirodigital.sapo.pt/