Luso-American nominated for ' Oscars ' students.

Luso-American nominated for ' Oscars ' students.

There is a Portuguese-American nominated for the animation category of the Oscars students, promoted by the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences in Hollywood, USA. He is Eric Cunha, of 24 years, co-author of the short film ' Marcel ', held in conjunction with the colleague Seung Sung when the two were studying animation at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

The film tells the story of "two thieves who face off in a museum to stay with a fancy mustache, in hopes of getting notoriety throughout the world". However, the appointment is a surprise for Eric and Seung.

"We were quite surprised when we were appointed to regional semi-finalists," says the Lusa luso-descencente. "That's quite an accomplishment to be considered at the same level that all these movies of students who are being recognized".

In love with animation since childhood, Eric debuted as Director for 12 years, when he began recording his movies with friends doing skateboard to show their tricks. From there, "I'd stay up endless hours learning the editing programs and improve".

However, came the desire to "do better and start to play with the animation", which eventually lead him to take the course at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he specialized in 3D animation.

Son of emigrants from Vila Nova de Cerveira and Murtosa, Eric Wedge is now Technical Director at produtra Nathan Love. However, stresses that, in addition to this work, likes to "keep busy working on personal projects", because is "always trying to be better and explore new ideas in animation".

Apart from Eric wedge, there are other 41 nominees for the ' Oscars ' of the University Academy, in the categories ' alternate ', ' continued ', ' animation ', ' narrative documentary ' and ' foreign language film '. In total, are represented 23 American universities and ten students of higher institutions of foreign education.

The students of the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences in Hollywood are assigned since 1972. Eight winners of these prizes continued his career winning the real Oscars, among them John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Robert Zemeckis, Trey Parker and Spike Lee.

The winners are announced at the end of the month, and the awards goes a week later, on 7 June, at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles.

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