Nersant wants to hear entrepreneurs about tool to increase exports

Nersant wants to hear entrepreneurs about tool to increase exportsThe Business Association of the region of Santarém (Nersant), aims to create a technological innovative tool aimed at the growth of export capacity, to open the doors of the international market.

Export & International Platform is based on a concept that aims at the approximation of two extremely fragmented worlds: the world demand and supply which clearly faces some adversity in the access to national markets.

The idea of Nersant is, in addition to bringing the world the region's producers offer, reduce investments in promotion and dissemination in different markets and overcoming adversity as dense administrative and logistics, diverse languages, receipts, among others.

With the goal of studying the feasibility of implementation of this platform, the Association will hold two meetings in the Lezíria and Médio Tejo, where will be presented the platform and where entrepreneurs can get their views on the feasibility and provide suggestions for improvement.

In the Lezíria, the session takes place in Santarém on the day 17 March, by 5:00 pm, on Startup Santarém. The Médio Tejo, the Nersant meet with companies on April 19, the day 7:00 pm.

Companies interested in participating in these meetings, should make free registration online on the website of the Association, at