Paladin chooses Angola and invests 3 billion euro in factory

Paladin chooses Angola and invests 3 billion euro in factoryThe Portuguese Paladin invested three million in a factory in the industrial zone of Viana, Angola, to consolidate its internationalization, indicated today the company of Golegã, Santarém district, near Lisbon.

"It's more a challenge inherent in our internationalization process", assured in a statement the administrator Carlos Goncalves, highlighting that "the new plant aims to reinforce the brand DNA" of sauces.
In early June, the Mendes Gonçalves, who is the owner of trademark sauces Paladin and was founded in 1982, chose the industrial zone on the outskirts of Luanda (Viana) to deploy their factory which employs 20 workers.
In this first phase, will produce only vinegar, and the technology is exclusively.
On the decision to invest in this African country, Carlos Goncalves said "it is a poor investment, given the current situation of Angola".
"The investment is in line with the fact of preparing the future in the medium to long term. And as we believe in the future of Angola, not accepted without hesitation to move forward, "he stressed.
According to the Director of internationalization, John Pestle, "this investment was very thoughtful and fits in the strategy to monitor markets with high growth potential, as opposed to the traditional Western markets which have null growths or even consumer breaks".
"The strategy of Mendes Gonçalves to the internationalization of the Paladin has wagered mainly in the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East and is now entering the countries of Africa with greater potential, like Senegal or Nigeria", refers in the statement.
"We were already in Angola, but we need to improve our responsiveness and competitiveness to the growing consumer demand for our products Angolans", underlined the Manager.
The factory in Angola was equipped with Portuguese technology "to respond to the requirements of the standards with which we work in Portugal", clarified better.
The plant in Viana "will allow, in the medium term, develop specific products for that market," resulting from research and development (r & D) in partnership with the local teams that has concluded.

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