Portugal is the price leader in the export of bed linen

Portugal is the price leader in the export of bed linenPortugal is not only the second largest European producer and exporter of cotton bedding, but also the country that exports at higher prices – 15,547 dollars per tonne, well above the 11,134 dollars which is average value for the European Union, according to a study D Indexbox.

Italy leads the production (27000 tonnes in 2018), followed by Portugal (25000 tonnes) and Germany (13000 tonnes), representing the three countries 70% of European production. The following are Poland, Spain, France and Romania, which correspond to 21% of production in the EU

As for the volume of exports, Germany (33000 tonnes) and Portugal (19000 tonnes), they are back on the podium, followed by Poland (17000 tonnes), Belgium (16000 tonnes), Netherlands (15000 tonnes), Italy (7900 tonnes), France (7800 tonnes) and Spain (7400 tonnes).

In 2018, exports of cotton bedding in the European Union, a total of 147,000 tonnes, accounted for about 1.45 billion euros, according to the same study. It is in this aspect that Portuguese production stands out when it reaches the high value per tonne (15,547 dollars).  Well above the average value for the EU (11,134 dollars) and appreciably double the exports of Poland (7,852 dollars per tonne) that had the lowest prices.

With regard to the consumption of cotton bedding, the results differ: Portugal occupies a modest ninth place, preceded by Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, and followed by Belgium, Greece, and Denmark.

Source: http://jornal-t.pt
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