The cheese ' piggy bank ' Portuguese flavor spreads across Asia, Africa and Europe

The cheese ' piggy bank ' Portuguese flavor spreads across Asia, Africa and EuropeThe cheese dairy Victor Fernandes opened in 1988 and was the great passion of its founder by sheep and cheese. The business was created by Victor Fernandes and his wife, who sought always to keep the tradition in production techniques
Azeitão cheese producer learned to do it with the famous cheese Alfredo, known as "piggy bank" of the Old Farmhouse. The production of this single product throughout the year results from their knowledge and experience, along with the conditions peculiar geographical region: the pastures for livestock rearing sheep and the extraordinary exuberance of flora, which ensure the labora milk.
With geographical conditions perfectly conducive today are three concelhos (Setubal, Sesimbra, Palmela) who enjoy the natural riches of Serra da Arrábida, which is due to the uniqueness of the Cheese of Azeitão, which integrate the demarcated region of this cheese.
Victor Fernandes kept its roots in Quinta do Anjo and has presented products with high quality. The family began marketing their cheese in small Delicatessens and, with a huge boost in the market, produces now for all large surfaces.
The brand, which is already in the traditional market, makes even distribution by region on the southern shore, Lisbon, Cascais and Estoril and for restaurants and Delicatessens in the North of the country.
"We came to developing and growing so that we can offer a product of excellent quality. In addition to our featured product, the cheese of Azeitão (D.O.P. – protected designation of origin), we also produce cured sheep's cheese, fresh cheese from sheep, sheep curd and the ex-libris of this cheese dairy, butter of sheep, which comes from the whey from the cheese of Azeitão, "said Reuben Fernandes, Manager and representative of the second generation of this business, the magazine Portugal innovator.
"Our main aim is to export: we have many customers in Portugal and have exported to Macao, France and Angola, but we intend to broaden our horizons in international distribution. In addition to having more profitability, we can lead the world this particular product characteristic of Portugal, "he added..
"Our country has no lack of quality, but quantity of production. When exporting becomes a chance, we should think about the increase in production to match the potential applications for large volume "concludes the Enterprise Manager to Portugal innovator. cheese 2
The cheese dairy Victor Fernandes won the "World Cheese Awards 2013" with the cheese of azeitão. In Portugal, in the national competition "Best Cheese 2013", got an honorable mention with the sheep's cheese cured and got the 1st place with the cream cheese of sheep.
The jury of the prize "Great Taste Awards 2014" elected Azeitão cheese PDO with three stars getting in the Top 50, but also sheep butter Azeitão with a star and the sheep's cheese cured with two stars were awarded products.