Sandpaper exports more than half a million bottles

Sandpaper exports more than half a million bottlesThe fifth of the sandpaper has just announced that it has exported more than half a million bottles of wine to the United States and Germany in 2015, where markets recently saw distinguished three of its wines.
In Portugal, vinho Verde production account, at this point, with a network of ten distributors, scattered throughout the country.
On the evolution of its internationalization, the company stresses that a relationship of a decade with the u.s. market, currently the most preponderant in the chapter of the exports concerned. On this market, the producer details though, last year, has dispatched 350 1000 bottles, which resulted in a turnover of around EUR 620 1000. Yet in the course of this year, registering an increase of 15% in its turnover.
Already in the Fifth performance of sandpaper on the German market, regarded as the second target market of distribution, the highlight goes to the export of more than 300 1000 bottles and the perspectives of growth point also to a progression in the order of 15%, and in 2015, represented a billing of 550 1000 euros.
In 2016, investment in the markets of Germany and the USA should around 55 1000 euros in shares at the point of sale, entries in competitions, visits to the market with sales of importers and wine tastings in the shop, as well as the presence in evidence and fairs promoted by the Commission of the vinho Verde region Wine.
"We are delighted by this recognition these markets as strategic for our wines, where we export more than half a million bottles in 2015, and we get over this mark as early as 2016," stresses Oscar Manning, ceo of Quinta da Lixa.

International recognition

Recently, the Quinta da Lixa saw the wine Seixoso 2015 (on sale exclusively in foreign markets) distinguished with the gold medal at Mundus Vini International Wine Award, in Germany, in addition to the bucks won by the Aromas of the Grapes and Royal Shield.
A proof of the ViniPortugal, the Aromas of the Grapes was still awarded as one of the 50 best Portuguese wines distributed in North America by a panel of experts from the American market. Also the Quinta da Lixa-Vinhão was recently distinguished, with 91 points out of 100 possible, by high American criticism, one of the most influential industry publications worldwide, Wine & Spirits, something that never happened with a green wine red.