Toys lusos want invoice 50% with exports

Toys lusos want invoice 50% with exportsThe Portuguese company Science4you, dedicated to the production, development and marketing of educational and scientific toys, in partnership with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, grew by over 100% last year, to 6.5 million.
As regards the international invoicing-the brand is present in 15 countries – the highlight goes to Spain, with 1.1 million and the United Kingdom, with 400 million euros achieved in the second year of activity.
In Portugal shows that growth reflects the strong focus of the educational toy company on the line Tech4you.
"The growth obtained in 2014 is the fruit of our internationalization effort, but also already achieved notoriety in Portugal and on the bet of new product lines, with the emphasis on the Tech4you, which provides the newest technological devices suitable for your age group," said Miguel Pina Martins, executive director of Science4you.
For the 2015 objective of consolidating brand presence in Spain and in the United Kingdom, with the international expression to represent 50% of sales.
The company exports regularly to Brazil and other lusophone countries, France and Greece; has a line of more than 100 scientific toys and also organises educational nature activities such as birthday parties and scientific camps, science workshops in schools and ATL, as well as training for young people and teachers.
The Science4you has Oporto and branches in Spain and England.