Portugal: a brand, what future?

Portugal: a brand, what future?Portugal and its future, is a theme to which I do regularly, like my Country, and I think we have a lot to do, whether in the exchange of ideas, both in the construction of national identity and of its value in the world. Yes, because, as a brand, the identity of a country and its consequent value must be constantly adjusted and updated, without obviously lose or be inconsistent with the past.

We are at a crossroads where we must choose the future path, that is, we define what Portugal will be while brand. The recent past has been dedicated to add to the brand values of credibility, resilience and management capacity, with the stakeholders of financial markets. This was a goal achieved. And now? What future?

These last values added to the brand, not easy to achieve. As Churchill was with suffering, blood, sweat and tears ". Now we need new breath, to find new values and associations that want to Portugal: in business, culture, politics, foreign relations, education.

We need these settings. Only with them can contribute to a coherent and integrated management; because as in companies, where all employees contribute to brand building, either with your job, either with the communication in society. Also each Portuguese, with his work in relationship with the other Portuguese and mostly with foreigners, is responsible for building the mark Portugal. Each one of us has to play in an exemplary manner your work and communicate what you dream to his country, thus helping the growth of Portugal.

We're all marketeers and build a stronger Portugal.

By António Jorge, consultant and University lecturer
In http://imagensdemarca.sapo.pt/