How it Works

All those interested may become Members of this group simply by making the registration, as individuals or companies.

Once a new member registers, is immediately sent a notification to all other members belonging to its sector (outside their country), informing them of their existence and arrival at WinWin Links platform, enhancing immediately the implementation of partnerships.

Note that to access the functionality of the platform is required to register in it.

The platform allows all its members to establish links WinWin:

- Disclosure of business opportunities;
- Share information about your business;
- Search strategic partnerships;
- Disseminate new investments;
- Advertise future strategies;
- Provide services;
- Promote your products;
- Search service providers, suppliers of materials, equipment, etc .;
- Obtain information on new markets;
- Find support in the implementation of investment plans in other countries;
- Etc.

Here are some examples of the possibilities offered by the platform:

A - A company based in Portugal intends to internationalize. You can post on the platform of its intentions, providing all relevant information on its activities and specifying up to three target countries. With the help of the platform (targeting information to potential members who can bring added value or information to the member) will be able to obtain important information (s) markets and can materialize a local partnership with another member.

B - A provider of services (engineering, law, economics, health, etc.) That decided to open representation in another country may disclose in this new platform and all its valences so that Members based, with activity or to enter that country may be your customers. Even in the pre-representation opening decision, the platform can be used to put out to tender, checking the reaction of Members of this country to its eventual entry.

C - A foreign company wishing to invest in one of Lusophone Africa can look on the platform Portuguese partners (the advantage that the language, culture and preferential relationship gives them) that are already, or also seek to enter in this market.

These are just three simple examples, to which are added those who were placed on Opportunities mural showing the "(Example)". Since respected the philosophy inherent in the creation of this platform, the possibilities for its use are total.

Disclosure and Opportunities Search
A Member who wishes to disclose an opportunity, performs independently the introduction of relevant information on it, using the "form" platform type in "New Opportunity".

Registration alone does not make the visible member. The Member only appears in the Wall when placing an opportunity. It is therefore advisable that, after registration, is disclosed an opportunity. If there is no specific, you can always choose to put one of the "Presentation of Company" (an option that appears on the questionnaire "New Opportunity") describing the business of your company.

The fact that the Member does not disclose any opportunity will not necessarily prevent this view every opportunity (present in the Wall) and which receives all notifications on sectors and markets which they have designated as preferred.

The Member access to opportunities is achieved in three complementary ways: direct search in Opportunities Wall, with the possibility of using the available filters; by automatic notifications generated by the Platform, informing them of all the news in the selected sectors and markets, for each member, as preferred; direct contacts made by the Platform management team.

Validation of Opportunity
Management Platform verify compliance with the operating rules of WinWin Links, when placing any opportunity. When approved, it becomes part of the Wall of Opportunities and to be visible throughout the community, in addition to being notified by email, to all States that have greater interest in this opportunity.

Complementary Services
The Members who wish to remain anonymous or not wishing to participate in the initial phase of negotiations on a given opportunity / partnership, can hire the services of intermediaries Management Platform.

Important note: Registration and disclosure of opportunities is totally Free

Every opportunity will be valid for one year counted from the date of its introduction into Opportunities Wall, after which must be renewed, if this is the Member of interest that put it.