Our Mission

Portugal is a nation of discoverers that have always travelled across all continents in search of better opportunities, bringing with them their spirit of initiative, willpower, courage and special skills. Many were those who had to start from the bottom and work their way up, some becoming the elite of entrepreneurs. It is probably fair to say you are likely to meet a Portuguese person pretty much in any country in the world in all walks of life these days.

The Portuguese businesses presence throughout the world is very granular and well spread and for that reason it is difficult to gauge the true extent of the overall volume of business world wide when you look at it from Portugal. The recent economic crisis is now pushing Portugal based companies to look abroad, seek new markets and help connect with other businesses around the world.

The WinWin Links project aims to capture, share and connect all the opportunities that these Portuguese companies have to offer to the world and to each other, by becoming a true global platform of exchange for its members. There is strength in numbers and the objective is to leverage these opportunities, put Portuguese businesses on the global map with increased visibility and create a powerful community with a strong voice and influence.

We want to be the link that connects the dots across the entire spectrum of Portuguese businesses in all continents and help them work together, talk to each other and promote each other in order to create a strong "Portuguese Business Network".

WinWin Links is not a social site and its purpose is to be a dynamic and objective Panel. We do not advertise companies, we promote their business opportunities instead.