Adifafe invests in internationalization

Adifafe invests in internationalizationThe textile accessories producer is a decade later strengthening its commitment to overseas sales. Adifafe's goal, which stands out for mastering all stages of production of zips, is to increase the export share, currently by 20%, and more than doubling the turnover by 2025.

Founded in 2008, the closing expert began to look at foreign markets more closely recently, after consolidating a portfolio of short-border customers that exceeds 4,000. "In Portugal we work almost with everyone," says Joaquim Silva, CEO of Adifafe. "As companies grow, we realize that our country is starting to be smaller. When we have a production of 10 and a market for 100, we see our country great. But when we have a production of 100 and a market that starts to have a consumption of 80, we begin to feel that the country is small and that our company already has a very strong dimension", explains portugal têxtil.

It was this perception that led Adifafe to take greater steps in exports, which at this time represents about 20% of turnover, including the presence at fairs, in a tour that began at Maroc in Mode last October. "We started in Morocco to gain experience. It's a fair that doesn't require much from the start. A European fair demands more," admits the CEO, who wants to continue the tour of other markets. "Our goal is to internationalise Adifafe to the fullest, because the world so requires it," he acknowledges.

In 2018, the textile accessories producer, which employs 30 people, works 24 hours a day and has warehouses in Guimarães and Porto, reached 2 million euros of turnover, being present "directly in Morocco, Spain, France and Germany. But we have contacts with many countries," says Joaquim Silva.

Heading north

To respond to requests, in addition to the stock that allows a virtually immediate solution, Adifafe, which in its offer includes zips – encompassing the entire process such as tapes, metal application and finishes – but also lines and passers-by, recently invested around EUR 1.3 million in a project partly funded by Compete.

"It was essentially an investment in high technology," says the CEO. "The market requires a lot of speed, in addition to quality," he points out. "All sectors constantly need to be updated and renewed, new things are always appearing. If we have a machine that produces 10 and one appears that produces 15, we have to buy this machine"," he says.

The investment, which is now beginning to bear fruit, should allow the company more than doubling its turnover in the short term. 'The aim is to stop at around EUR 5 million' in 2025, where more than half is expected to be realised on foreign markets. "The trend will be to fall at national level and exports to increase," he says.

In addition to the markets where it is currently present, Adifafe is expected to expand to Northern Europe. "We have been thinking a lot about the Nordic countries. It is not a market of many quantities, but a market that wants quality, value and pays well", considers Joaquim Silva.

Another goal of the company goes through certifications, with the GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard and GRS – Global Recycle Standard in progress. "It's all part of being on the front line," says the CEO of Adifafe.