Aveiro: OLI wants to grow export of cisterns for Middle East

 Aveiro: OLI wants to grow export of cisterns for Middle EastThe fifth consecutive participation of the OLI in the biggest fair of row of building the Middle East stems from its strategy of internationalization of diversification of external markets and private Gulf markets bet that represent already 5 per cent of the company's global sales, which last year registered a sales volume of 40 million euros.

"the behavior of the brand in the Middle East is positive, since we have been following the growth trend of the market and win year after year a higher rate of penetration. This year we estimate grow 8 percent and 10 percent in 2015. I believe that factors such as innovation, good price/quality relationship and the close relationship with the customer have been responsible for the success of our commercial expansion ", said António Oliveira, President of OLI quoted in a press release.

Europe's largest market

Europe is the main destination of sales for the exterior of the OLI, with Italy and France account for 24 percent of exports. Middle East, Latin America and North Africa are the targets of the brand in 2015.

To compete on a global scale, the OLI has invested in innovation-five million euros in the last five years-developing from the factory in Aveiro sustainable and inclusive bathroom solutions.

Source: http://www.noticiasdeaveiro.pt/pt/33889/aveiro-oli-quer-crescer-exportacao-de-autoclismos-para-medio-oriente/