Refriango wants to sell more than five million liters of beverages in Portugal.

Refriango wants to sell more than five million liters of beverages in Portugal.

The administrator of Angolan Refriango soft drink brand, Lusa said today it plans to sell annually more than five million litres in Portugal.

This goal is the result of a strategic partnership signed in May between the mark and the Portuguese group Delta Cafés, which happens to be the official distributor of the products of the Angolan company in Portugal, in this case the sodas and juices Blue, one of the 15 that Refriango holds.

"We intend to quickly reach the 5 million [gallons sold per year in Portugal], but it won't stop there. With our stronger presence quickly we will exceed that goal, but we want to make Portugal a doorway to Europe, "he explained, in an interview with Lusa Agency, the administrator of Refriango, Stephen Daniel.

Currently, the Portuguese market represents annual sales of around 800 million gallons, but within a few weeks the distribution will be ensured only by the Portuguese group founded by Rui Nabeiro.

"Very quickly we will announce the first charge with Delta Cafes. Either way, we still have merchandise to be sold in Portugal, through partnerships with other consortia, "emphasised Stephen Daniel.

The objective of the Angolan Group passes by attaining the first goal quickly to sales in Portugal, where it already operates three years ago with sodas and juices of "African content", but perspetivando entry into the European market.

The Refriango is one of the leading companies in Angola, currently employing about 4,500 employees and a production capacity of one billion litres per year, according to mark Stephen Daniel "surpasses the national consumption".

The Blue is one of the 15 brands of Refriango, having a weight of 30 percent.

In addition to the Angolan market and of Portugal, is present in ten African countries, in particular operations by logistical difficulties, continue to be practically symbolic and aimed at the promotion of the brand, explained the group administrator.

The weight of the international markets in Refriango is less than 5%.


Source: Lusa